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With Croatia you can’t make a mistake; you can't make a wrong choice when deciding where to go on its coast. It is absolutely amazing, in every single way. To make the best decision possible, think about spending your vacation in Central Dalmatia. Daily, you can visit so many attractive locations, islands, and waterfalls.

We are happy to inform you that Croatia achieved a high 5th place in the category "Most desirable European destinations", ranking above Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, and Scotland, while the island of Hvar took the 7th place in the category "Top 10 Island Destinations of Europe". It has been gaining popularity in recent years. And with good reason! It is where you will find a wonderful climate, with over 2,500 hours of sun per year, beautiful cultural cities, picturesque ports, stunning nature, and hundreds of islands. And then we haven’t even mentioned the Croatian coast: the most beautiful in Europe! All along the shore, stone sculptures, architectural marvels, and silent witnesses to history can be found, all breathtaking.

If you want to visit more than one place during your Croatian vacation, stay in one of our properties as a base and then go on day trips, as there are many ideas about what can be visited around. This is a perfect destination for a road trip, as the roads are in excellent condition and the scenery is breathtaking. So many historical attractions, so many UNESCO heritage sites, and simply beautiful and unspoiled nature.

Croatia is also known for its 8 national parks. Plitvice is the most famous and the most visited, and for those who want to avoid crowds, we recommend Risnjak, Northern Velebit, or Paklenica National Parks. The others are Brijuni, Krka, Kornati, and Mljet.

If you prefer to stick to waterfalls, try Krka Waterfalls instead. If you're interested in Croatian islands, why not visit Brač, Hvar, or Vis, all with a ferry connection from the famous town of Split? Make friends with playful waves that will put a smile on your face, explore remote turquoise bays where the sea and powder-fine sand collide, and take pleasure in the pleasant summer wind that will lull you to sleep. A sea of dreams is the Adriatic. Croatia is a paradise for all travelers with its stunning beaches, historic cities, and picturesque landscapes.

Croatia has also entered the Schengen Area, the world's largest visa-free zone. Also, from the first of January 2023, Croatia became the 20th country to join the eurozone. The local currency Kuna has been replaced by the Euro, and we find this much more convenient for our guests too.

Come and enjoy our beautiful country and you will leave with nothing but satisfaction!

“A vacation helps to relieve stress and boredom, gives us a change of scenery, provides us with adventure, and helps to bring us closer to the people in our lives.” – E. S. Woods

Published by: Ana Prančić

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