Christmas in Croatia


Croatia is a lovely country that lies between central and eastern Europe. There is an amazing tourist infrastructure here, with plenty to see and see. Whether you choose to spend your vacation relaxing on gorgeous beaches or seeing historic towns and cities, Croatia has something for everyone. The country is made up of over 1,000 islands, so there is plenty of room to explore. Croatia is extremely diverse, with something to suit a wide range of vacation itineraries. Its breathtaking surroundings and impressive vistas provide the ideal setting for even the most seasoned travelers. Many travelers decide to spend Christmas in Croatia. Its fantastic climate and endless beauty make it an ideal spot to spend vacations. If you want to spend the holidays in this wonderful country, keep reading since we have all the information you need right here!

Weather in Croatia at Christmas

Before you schedule your Christmas vacation in Croatia, it's a good idea to know what to expect. With so many places to visit and interesting attractions to see, the weather can be a deciding factor for many. Croatia is reasonably pleasant throughout December, making it an enjoyable place to spend the holidays. Some regions of the country are colder than others, however monthly temperatures average around 5°C. Winter in Croatia is a necessity, even if the weather isn't as blasting as it is in the summer. A journey here during this season will not disappoint, with warm Christmas markets, festivities in towns and villages around the country, and slopes to explore. You may also experience everything Croatia has to offer without the crowds in December since milder temperatures tend to attract fewer people. One of the best perks of visiting Croatia during the Christmas season is the opportunity to learn about different traditions and cultures. Traveling is all about learning about different regions of the world, and a visit to this country is no exception. The information provided below will assist you in learning more about some of Croatia's Christmas traditions.

Traditional Christmas food

A holiday celebration is a traditional Christmas ritual in many nations! Many people spend the entire month of December indulging in holiday delicacies, and Croatia is no exception. On Christmas Eve, the majority of Croatians eat a variety of fish dishes. During this period, much of the country enjoys some type of seafood, ranging from dried codfish, cabbage, and potatoes to squid and baked pastries. This is an excellent chance to get your hands on some of Croatia's fresh food! The feast truly begins on Christmas Day! When it comes to typical celebratory meals in Croatia, you will be blessed with a choice of rice, meats, roasted pig, lamb, turkey, bacon, pancetta, cheese, bread, and much more. The dishes range slightly based on the area of the country. Some people favor beef stew, while others prepare turkey and noodles. There are also plenty of sweet temptations to follow, so save some room!

Church on Christmas

Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, making it a significant religious celebration for many. With this in mind, it's no surprise that many people in Croatia decide to visit churches to celebrate this unique time of year. Some Croatians already go to church regularly. The difference with Christmas is that they go to midnight mass after eating their Christmas Eve dinner. This is to participate in the religious ceremony and to commemorate Jesus' birth. With so many beautiful churches and cathedrals in Croatia, a visit at Christmas is a wonderful way to spend your time here. Admire the stunning architecture while learning about the fascinating history of these magnificent structures.


In Croatia, there are numerous Christmas traditions, with Badnjak being a major one. Badnjak refers to the habit of bringing a log inside one's home, similar to how people bring Christmas trees into their homes during the holidays. The log is then lit, to remain lit until Christmas Day. Previously, the logs were subjected to a religious ritual in which the oldest male in the household applied holy water and frankincense to the object while praying. Members of the family would take turns getting up throughout the night to keep the log burning. Today, the ritual is less popular, with most Croatians replacing the Badnjak with their fireplace.

You may think of sun and sea when you think of Croatia but it can offer snow and Santa too! Whether you'd like to shop at a traditional Christmas market or take in a holiday concert, there's something for you in one of Croatia's towns or cities.

Published by: Ana Prančić

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